Rocket League Unleashes the Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle

rocket league lightning mcqueen

Rocket League, the well-known video game about driving soccer cars, has added a new Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle. The pack comes with everything players need to look like the fastest racer on the field.

There are three race-ready decals, the Lightning McQueen car body, the Lightyear wheels, and the “Life Is a Highway” player anthem.

The Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle is the best way for fans of the Disney movie or just driving fast cars to make Rocket League games more fun. For a short time only, the deal is now available, so players should get it today.

Find out more about the Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle.

The Lightning McQueen Car Body is an exact copy of the famous race car from the Disney movie Cars. It’s painted in Lightning McQueen’s favorite colors, red and yellow, and has his race number 95 on it.

The Ka-chow Goal Explosion is a fiery blast that will get people’s attention on the field. It comes from Lightning McQueen’s famous saying.

The three are ready to race. Decals are great for gamers who want to show how much they love racing. There are different patterns on the stickers, such as a checkered flag, a race stripe, and a Lightning McQueen logo.

The Lightyear Wheels are modern wheels that will make any car look like it’s ready to race. The wheels are based on the Toy Story movie Toy Story Lightyear spaceship.

The “Life Is A Highway” Player Anthem is a song about driving that sounds great while you play Rocket League. The Disney movie Cars gave the song its ideas.

How to Get the Lightning McQueen Mega Pack

You can now get the Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle from the Rocket League Item Shop. For 1,500 Credits, you can buy the set.

You can only get the Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle for a short time. People who want to play should get it today, before it’s gone.

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